How The LassoMate Works

Slide the LassoMate Into Your Telescopic Pole

Form A Slip Knot With Your Line

Attach 4 Corners Of Loop To 4 LassoMate Pressure Clips

There Is No Fussy Set Up To Use The LassoMate.  Simply Form A Slip Knot With Your Dock Line. Then Attach The Four Corners Of The Loop To The 4 Pressure/Release Clips Mounted On The LassoMate. These Clips Will Securely Hold Your Line In Position Until You Release It.


The Other End Of The Line Should Be Temporarily Tied Off To The Cleat You Intend To Tie Up To.


Holding Only The Telescopic Pole, As Soon As You're Within Safe Distance Of The Piling Or Cleat Just Place The LassoMate Over It.  Gently Pull Back On The LassoMate And The Line Will Release.  Put The LassoMate Down And Take The Other End Of The Line Off The Cleat, Take Up The Slack And Re-Tie Your Boat.


When Using The LassoMate, Due To Our Unique Design, You Do Not Need To Hold The Line Taut Against The LassoMate To Keep It In Position.  The Four Pressure Clips Will Hold Your Line Securely Fastened To The LassoMate Until You Release It.  When Extending The LassoMate Toward The Piling Or Cleat, All You Need To Hold Is The Telescopic Pole.


You Will Lasso Your Pilings Or Hook Your Cleats The First Time, Every-time With The LassoMate! Guaranteed!

Secure The Opposite End Of Line To Cleat

Extend LassoMate Over Piling Pull Back To Release Line

Put Down LassoMate Secure Line

Line Set-Up Tips

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Step #4

Make A Slip Knot & Attach The Middle Of The Eye Of The Line To Clip #1

Continue Rotating The Line As Shown & Attach To Clip #3

Place Lower Left Side Of Slip Knot Into Clip #4 As Shown

Rotate The

Line Toward

The Top Of The

LassoMate &

Attach To Clip As Shown

Tyeing Off To A Piling

Once The Loop Is Attached To The LassoMate Tie The Opposite End Of The Line To A Cleat So You Don't Lose The Line When You Extend The LassoMate.

Hold The LassoMate Pole As Shown.

Reach Out With The LassoMate Pole Toward The Piling As Shown.

Place The LassoMate Over The Piling.

Gently Pull Back The LassoMate To Release The Line.  The Line WILL NOT Release Until You Pull Back On The LassoMate.

Once The Line Has Released, Put Down The LassoMate, Grab The Line, Pull It To Tighten The Noose On The Piling.

Proceed Toward The Cleat.

Take Up The Slack In The Line.

Securely Tie The Line To The Cleat.