Fender Hooks

We Have Incorporated Several Unique Design And Functionality Features Into Our Fender Hooks Not Found In Any Others.  These Features Are...


A Patented, Solid 316 Stainless Steel Cam Cleat That Securely Locks A Fender Line As Thick As 1/2" In Diameter In Place.  Its Grooved Guide Lip Eliminates Any Possibility Of The Line Accidentally Being Bumped Out.


The Lower Part Of The Fender Hook Has A Piece We Custom Fabricate To Guide The Fender Line.  It's Called An "Offset Fair-lead".  It Allows You To Easily Position Your Line In/Out Of It Without Having To Thread Your Line Up Through A Conventional Closed Guide.


A Stainless Steel "Detent Pin" Secures Your Rail Fender Hook To Your Boat's Rail.  This Will Eliminate Any Chance Of It Ever Accidentally Falling Off The Rail!


Choose Either Our Custom Applied UV Rated Soft Vinyl Maintenance Free/Weather Resistant Coating Or Our Powder Coated Versions.  Both Are Gentle On Your Boat's Rail & Provides A Secure Solution To Keep The Fender Hook In Place.


Every Rail Fender Hook Is Constructed From 3/16" Solid 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum And Is Fabricated In Our New York Facility.

With A Quick And Easy Tug Down Of Your Fender Line, Our Solid Stainless, Patented Cam-Cleat Securely Locks Fender Line In Behind Its Grooved Edge, Making It Impossible For Fender Line To Accidentally Be Bumped Out Of The Fender Hook Causing It To Fall In The Water.  Your Line Is Easily Adjustable Or Removable With An Easy Tug Up.

It’s Simple To Install Our Fender Hooks

First, remove the detent pin and hang the Fender Hook on your boat's railing.  Re-insert the detent pin so the Fender Hook can't accidentally lift off your railing.   With one finger, tip the cam lever up on the E-Z Cam Cleat and place your line between the  grooved cam and the recessed guide, which will securely hold your line in place at any height.  Then, place your fender line through the offset fair-lead.  To remove the line, just pull the line up and out.


Standard Vinyl Coated / Black

-Also Available In White


Fender Hooks

Vinyl Coated

Fender Hooks

Powder Coated

Fender Hooks

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Similarities & Differences Between Vinyl Coated Fender Hooks & Powder Coated Version

The Primary Difference Between Them Is The Finish.


The PVC/Vinyl Coated Version is 100% Coated in A Special Hot Dipped Soft Glossy Plastisol Coating Available In Black Or White.


The Powder Coated Version Is A  High Gloss, Hard Coated Finish, That Is Available In Both Black Or White.


Rail Protection:

The Vinyl Coated Version Is A Fairly Soft Material Acting As A Non-Skid Cushion On Your Boat's Rail.  The Powder Coated Version Has Two Strips Of Non-Skid, UV/Weather Resistant EDPM Rubber Strips Mounted Within The Hook Area.


It's Just A Personal Preference As To Which One People Prefer.  They Are Both High Quality & Look Great.


Both Version Are The Same Size & Work Exactly The Same Way.