Custom Fender Hooks

Please Allow Us To Quote You On Your Custom Fender Hook Needs.

We Design & Manufacture Everything Ourselves.  You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised At How Affordable Our Fender Hooks Are.  We Sacrifice Nothing In Quality!

With A Quick And Easy Tug Down Of Your Fender Line, Our Solid Stainless, Patented Cam-Cleat Securely Locks Fender Line In Behind Its Grooved Edge, Making It Impossible For Fender Line To Accidentally Be Bumped Out Of The Fender Hook Causing It To Fall In The Water.  Your Line Is Easily Adjustable Or Removable With An Easy Tug Up.

Brand New

Super Soft Weather-Proof Liners Available On Custom Fender Hooks

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These Fender Hooks Were Custom Made For 2-1/2" & 3" Oval Rails.  Notice The Varied Locations Of The Cam Cleats As Well As The Line Guides. We Now Offer Fender Hooks For 2-1/2" & 3" Oval Rails As A Stock Item.  They Are Shown On Our PVC Coated Fender Hook Page.

Brand New

Super Soft Weather-Proof Liners Available On Custom Fender Hooks

The Fender Hooks We Have Been Manufacturing For Over Five Years Have Been Primarily Designed And Used On A Yacht's Stainless Rail.  The Soft UV/Weather Resistant PVC Coating On These Fender Hooks Have Been A Perfect Solution For This Application.


During The Past Year We Have Received Many Inquires For Manufacturing Fender Hooks For Larger Yachts, Many Of Which Do Not Have Stainless Rails.  What These Yachts Do have Is A Large Fiberglass Rail Edge Where There Is Virtually No Method To Hang A Fender Other Then With A Custom Fender Hook.  Although Our Standard Fender Hook Coating Is Quite Soft And Easy On A Yacht's Rail, We Have Taken It One Step Further.


On All Custom Fender Hooks That Rest Directly On A Yachts Fiberglass Edge/Rail, We Now Install A Super Soft, 1/8" Thick Super Soft Weather-Proof Liner On The Inside Edge Of The Fender Hook.  This Liner Has Been Specially Formulated To Withstand The Harsh Marine Environment.  It Will Not Fade, Run Or Corrode And It Will Dry Quickly Once Wet.


It's The Perfect Solution For Your Yacht's Fiberglass Edge/Rail!


Below Are Pictures Of A Few Fender Hooks We Custom Made For Yachts Where The Fender Hook Rested On The Fiberglass And We Installed The Super Soft Weather-Proof Liner As Added Protection.